Your Estate Plan Post Divorce
April 7, 2019
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10 Things You Need to Know About Your Divorce and Money

divorce and money

Your financial costs don’t end once you sign divorce papers.

In addition to severing your emotional bonds with your spouse, divorce changes many aspects of your financial life. Some are obvious, like the fees you’ll pay for your divorce lawyer. However some involve areas of your finances you may never have considered related to your marriage till now.

  1. Cost of the Divorce Process
  2. Retirement Post Divorce
  3. The Impact of Divorce on your Superannuation
  4. Mortgages and other Loans
  5. Lower Household Revenue Post-Divorce
  6. Unpaid Child Support
  7. Taxes Post-Divorce
  8. Updating Your Estate Planning
  9. Emergency Fund
  10. Insurance Post-Divorce
  11. Problems accessing Cash
  12. Cost of Getting Emotional

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