Why a Financial Adviser?

When facing separation or divorce, you want to ensure you can maintain the lifestyle you’re used to – while strengthening your wealth over the long term. With a financial adviser who specialises in divorce, you’ll be in a better position to do both.

The financial impact of a divorce can be daunting. But by making the right decisions today, you can create a more comfortable, secure tomorrow. As you can imagine, many proposed financial agreements can be shrouded in legal jargon. And although these agreements may appear fair at first, they don’t always deliver the long-term financial stability you need.

That’s why a financial adviser is invaluable. How we can help you:

  • Identify a fairer division of assets
  • Ensure long-term financial stability
  • Restore your income quickly
  • Reduce your legal costs by simplifying the process for your lawyer
  • Clarity on your financial options e.g. buying vs renting

Our Services


Getting Prepared

Organising your finances, understanding what you have and what a lawyer will require. We put this together in a pack designed specifically to make the lawyer's job easier and save our clients time and money.


Choosing the right lawyer

Every situation is different and may call for a different type of lawyer. If you do not have a lawyer yet, we have a panel of lawyers that excel in different areas.


Understanding Settlement Options

We can financially model a range of possible scenarios and help you to negotiate the best settlement structure for your future.


Planning Your Future

We will help to transfer assets, establish new investments/loans, assist in property transactions and prepare a full financial plan for your future.


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