The Cost Of Getting Emotional

The Impact of Divorce on your Superannuation
November 4, 2019
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The Cost Of Getting Emotional

cost of getting emotional

Going through a divorce is likely going to be the most difficult time of your life. Divorce doesn’t need to be the most expensive or emotionally draining thing you do if you approach it right. You don’t want your divorce costing more than your wedding, and while the loss of a relationship is akin to the death of a loved one, there are tactics that can help lessen the blow both emotionally and financially.

Domino Effect

If you approach the divorce with a clear mind, you will make better decisions. These decisions can set off a domino effect. For example, responding to that text message in a calm manner vs responding to it with a nasty threat or abuse, could mean the difference of thousands of dollars in legal fees in fighting a custody order.

Don’t let your new spouse/their new spouse affect you legally or emotionally

We all know that too many chefs in the kitchen can reap havoc on the meal, same goes for divorce. While you should rely on your new spouse, friends or family for support – don’t let them make your decisions. It is true, that least amount of people involved in the decision making of a divorce will often lead to a speedier and less costly divorce.

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